Early Fall Cows


Celebrating Our 90th Anniversary!


64th Annual Production Sale will be April 4th at Lorraine Ks

Sale Catalog now online here: Green Garden Angus Sale Book

Sale will be online at https://cci.auction/orgs/83/auctions/2408 Please Register by Friday April First.

Featuring a Full Brother to Gardens Opus.

Selling 100 head of Registered Angus Bulls

Featuring Sons Of

Gardens Cache

Gardens Endeavor

Gardens Prime Feature

Gardens Radar

Gardens Hawkeye

Gardens Econ

Gardens Prime

GAR Home Town

GAR Fire Proof


Special Feature will be a Pick from the Fall Bred Heifers or the Spring Open Heifers.

Updated 3-30-22 Excel Sheet Download https://1drv.ms/x/s!ApveAcb87UfKgcdlqK3BnCyJ-Ztimw?e=H0J0gj

We will be kicking off our 90th anniversary sale with a pick from our fall bred or spring open heifers.

The winning buyer is free to choose from any of the 12-18 month old heifers.

The pick must be selected by the end of April.
This is an outstanding set of heifers to choose from, including a full sister to Gardens Opus, and 3 fall bred heifers who scanned over a 9.1 with an average backfat of .35
Four of the Heifers are in the Top 100 non-parent females for Marbling EPD.
Scan scores and feed intake data on the spring open heifers will be posted on the website as soon as they become available.

For more information, call the office at 785-472-3752, Ben at 785-472-1164, or Email janssen@greengardenangus.com